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About Us

Traditions. We all have them. Try changing how you decorate your Christmas tree and listen to the uproar. Decide not to have an Easter egg hunt this year. Or change the way grandma makes her mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.

Traditions are ingrained. They help form the foundation of who we are as individuals, as families.

What are you building into your family through your traditions?

From Christmas to Easter to All Saints Eve, we at Joy Book Company are committed to helping you pass on a godly heritage from generation to generation. Our goal is for all Christians to celebrate the risen Lord in living, creative ways.

There is an old proverb that reads “Put something where you can see it so your eye will remind your heart”.

The Old Testament is filled with detailed instructions of festivities for God’s people. Why? God knew they (we) need constant reminders of His presence and His power.

Celebrations are also great times to teach character qualities – not only gratefulness at Thanksgiving but at Christmas as well. Replacing the “gimme” spirit with a spirit of giving. On Halloween, replacing a merely “creative alternative”, with stories and activities of Christian history and God’s faithfulness over the centuries.

The Joy Book Company exists to:

  • Produce literature to help Christians celebrate all aspects of God’s character throughout the year.
  • Help all Christians enjoy and experience what God has given them in the incomparable gift of His Son.
  • Help families create traditions, which will make it possible for them to pass on a godly heritage from generation to generation.
  • Provide churches with practical tools to teach their congregations to celebrate Biblical Truth.

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